Our weekly classes are currently offered at Q.E.D. – A Place to Show and Tell, near Astoria-Ditmars station every Monday.  One series consists of five 50 minute-classes. Last class is our social dance party!  We celebrate the end of the series by dancing with each other to DJed music, practicing, asking questions and getting to know one another.

Three levels of classes (Level 1, 2, and 3) are currently offered at SDA.  In Level 1 and 2 classes, 3 different topics are taught in monthly cycles.  The topics are:

1. 6 count moves with triple steps
2. 8 count moves with triple steps
3. Charleston fundamentals

Level 2 always cover more advanced topics of the materials we covered in Level 1 during the previous month.  As long as you have taken the same topic in Level 1 at Swing Dance Astoria, or you are familiar with the topic, you are welcome to join us at Level 2.

If you have completed 3 topics in both level 1 and 2 at least once, and you are comfortable with the materials taught, you are welcomed to join Level 3.  Please contact the instructors at if you are interested in joining Level 3.

Please join our Facebook group page ( ), or check out our Facebook page ( ), or the NEWS section of this website to get the most updated information about on going classes.

Gift Certificates are available.  Please contact Q.E.D. for details.
Email:     Phone: 347.451.3873